On the Amazon Armada, we take a small group of adventurers down the Amazon River and into the belly of the Jungle! Over the course of one week, we will put our bodies to the test and attempt to raft 100km (62 miles) down the most legendary and undiscovered river on the planet, visiting indigenous Amazonian villages, and sleeping high amongst the Jungle's canopy. 

It all starts in Iquitos, Peru, the world's most isolated town. Here is where we begin our journey down the beautiful jungle-lined river keeping an eye out for the rare pink dolphin, the three-toed sloth, flamingos, and other wildlife. For the first half of the week, we will be camping out below the stars in beautiful four person tents that will be set up in advance. The second half of the week involves full resort take overs at stunning Amazonian lodges including the award winning Tree House Village where we will sleep amongst the clouds and beside the lush canopy of the local trees.

If you have ever dreamt of exploring the furthest corners of the world and experiencing one of the last untouched places on the planet with an amazing group of like-minded and extraordinary individuals, this is the trip for you. On the Amazon Armada, we will be changing the face of adventure travel as you know it and pioneering a route unlike any the world has ever seen!


Day 1 Saturday, July 7th: Arrival in Iquitos

Upon arrival in Iquitos, you will be met at the airport by one of our team and taken to your accommodation for the evening. Tonight, we kick off our week with a private party just for our crew. Be ready for a night of laughs, pisco sours, and dancing!

Day 2 Sunday, July 8th: Amazon River Reveal

After a short cruise up the Amazon, we will reach our first village and spend the rest of the day immersing ourselves in Amazonian culture and giving back to the local community.  This evening, we will spend the night amongst local villagers feasting on Amazonian cuisine and intimate bonfire chats.

Day 3 Monday, July 9th: River Raft Begins

After an early morning rise, we will set off for Day one of our raft adventure. We will be ceremoniously pushed off the shores following a local blessing and begin our two and a half day inflatable raft expedition down the Amazon.  

Day 4 Tuesday, July 10th: On The River

Day two of our raft expedition takes us past some of the most beautiful sights on our trip. If we are lucky, we may get a glimpse of the infamous pink dolphin only found on these waters. Normally, we would recommend going for a night swim, but not when you are this far into the jungle!

Day 5 Wednesday, July 11th: The Final Push

The last few kilometers of the expedition are tackled this morning. By the time lunch rolls around, you will be celebrating and dancing at a local riverside cafe basking in your glory and victory. Congratulations - you have conquered the Amazon River!

Day 6 Thursday, July 12th: Tree House Tribe

After a long two days on the water and a day of volunteering, there is no better way to relax than spending time floating above the Amazonian Canopy in a tree house! We have rented out one of the most unique and extraordinary lodges in the world to put you as close to possible to the sky. Ranging between 40-80ft above the ground and connected by suspension bridges, our ten tree house villas will be sure to wow you and make you feel like one of the local monkeys.

Day 7 Friday, July 13th: Jungle Excursions

Today is dedicated to exploring all of the nooks and crannies the Amazon Jungle has to offer. With our local guides leading the way, we will trek through the surrounding area looking to connect with the mother nature at her best. After a break for dinner, we will continue our exploration with an evening hike to discover the native animals when they are most alive!

Monkeys, lemurs, and sloths, o my!

Day 8 Saturday, July 14th: Departure Day

After breakfast at the Tree House Lodge, we will head back to Iquitos for your flights home after 5pm.

As all great stories do, they must come to an end. Congratulations on being part of history and partaking in the Amazon Armada!

What's Included

Not Included:


You can join the Amazon Armada as an individual or as part of a crew. If you apply as an individual, you will be hand placed on a crew comprised of other solo travelers and paired up until you have a full crew. If you apply as a crew, we will strive to keep your entire group together as much as possible. 

Each raft holds up to three people and all accommodation is based on shared rooms with four people in shared beds.

*Exact itinerary is subject to change